About sbereznai

Amazon bestseller and top-five finalist for the Readers' Favorite Award Steven Bereznai is known for a writing style that is paradoxically light and dark. His newest novel, "How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse," has been described as veering "from humor to horror, the tender to the terrifying, and the sweet to the savage." He's the author of the Amazon bestselling dystopian novel "I Want Superpowers," which has been described has "The Hunger Games meets X-Men." He also wrote the children's picture book "The Adventures of Philippe," the gay teen superhero books "Queeroes" and "Queeroes 2," and the dating survival guide "Gay and Single...Forever? 10 Things Every Gay Guy Looking for Love (and Not Finding It) Needs to Know." "I like situations that challenge my characters, whether it's Marty surviving zombies (and his ex), Caitlin risking permanent injury (or death) in the hopes of developing superpowers, or the Christmas ornament Philippe jumping into a sewer of rats to find his way home." (www.stevenbereznai.com)

Hello PTP!

Herein you will find supplemental material to my application for the position of Daily Xtra EIC. My life as a journalist dates back to university, but rest assured you will not be subjected to anything I wrote for the U of G paper The Ontarion, and thankfully there is no archive of my time as a DJ on the campus radio station CFRU. What you will find here: excerpts from my books, freelance pieces, my short film for OUT TV, and material from my time as EIC for Fab.

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